Completing the Travel Loop

We just landed in New York City. I think that I have successfully worn out my teen. When we got to the airport this afternoon he asked if we could go to the hotel so that he could go to bed. Our very long shuttle ride into Manhattan ended with the two of us jumping out to catch the subway (way faster than sitting in traffic) and Google mapping the last 10 minutes of our journey. I feel like we are at the tail end of a race.

After checking in to the hotel, I discovered that they have a rooftop pool. Wow, wow, wow. I couldn’t be more excited to swim above Central Park. I pulled out our swimming costumes straightaway, even though he opted for staying in and Instagramming.

We wrapped up our touristing last night in England with a ride around the London Eye. The weather was perfect and the views incredible.

Due to my unfortunate scooter blow to the Achilles, I took a few days off from running. I gave it a go around Kensington Palace whilst in London and am pleased to report that I can run a slow pace with a good excuse for stopping, walking, and taking pictures.

Tonight we are staying a block away from Central Park and I am hoping to get one more run in tomorrow before heading back to Oregon.

Manhattan Rooftop Pool View


  1. I am a pool nerd.
  2. I like pools before kids get in them.
  3. Triathletes are trained for endurance and I think that this helped me keep up on this marathon trip.
  4. British phrases are adorable.
Kensington Palace
London Eye
View of Buckingham Palace from the London Eye

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