The Best Laid Plans…

We made it to Paris! Such a beautiful city. We decided to let go of the plans to see the Palace of Versailles today and venture out to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery to visit the Tombes des Jim Morrison and Frederic Chopin. After a chocolatey breakfast and the cemetary, I couldn’t wait to run next to the River Seine.

My son opted for riding on Lime, which made me a bit nervous. I feel like riding a scooter in a city is about the equivalent of riding a road bike on a highway. Trying to be a good sport, and because he downloaded the app and put my credit card number into the billing section as he pointed out many others cruising on scooters, we took off through the streets of Paris. Surprisingly, there are huge bike lanes throughout the city that are separated from cars and pedestrians. It felt fantastic to scoot through the historic streets.

Unfortunately for me, we came upon an intersection that necessitated a lift up a curb. As I lifted the front of the Lime, the blade of the platform swung around and smacked me straight on the bullseye of my Achilles. Wow. Ouch. I guessed that we would be riding more Limes and Ubers today rather than running along the river.

We ended up having an amazing afternoon lunching directly across from the Cathedral Notre Dame marveling at its state of repair. The Limes transported us further down the river to the Pont des Arts to see the “love locks” on the bridge and then to the Champs Elysees to gawk at the Arc de Triomphe. All in all a pretty successful way to get around this magical city.

We are Liming off to dinner and then Ubering to the Eiffel Tower. Can’t wait!


  1. I love bike lanes and cities that provide them.
  2. Don’t lift a heavy scooter over a curb without getting out of the way of the swinging platform.
  3. We use our Achilles a lot throughout the day.

Cathedral Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

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