Traveling with a Triathlete

My 15 year old son asked me to take him out of the country. As a neurotic mother who calculates the amount of time that my kids have at home with me before they embark into the world, I jumped at the opportunity to take him abroad. He is quite an adventurer…up for “anywhere out of the country” to learn about other cultures.

We opted for New York (a way different culture), London (family history), and Paris (new to me) in a week and a half. We are a few days into our whirlwind tour and I am very excited to share a few pictures and notes.

The beginning of our trip started in New York. Two nights in the Big Apple to cram in as much as possible. The Statue of Liberty and hard hat Ellis Island tours were great, and the 9/11 Memorial moving. I haven’t been to New York in over 25 years and I found myself getting a little choked up at St. Patrick’s Cathedral remembering a dear person who passed away last year.

Of course I packed my running shoes, goggles, and swim suits. I happened to bring some extras for my son just in case he wanted to join me on some memorable runs and swims. I timed our touring to make sure that we could get a little running in Central Park before setting off for Blue Man Group. Couldn’t wait to run in all 3 of these cities!

Today we were in London and slept half of the day away. We managed to get in a tour of the London Tower complete with Crown Jewel viewing, the White Tower, and the Bloody Tower (gruesome as you can imagine). After walking across the London Bridge and taking a double decker back, we set off for a swim.

Oh my gosh…wait for it…we swam at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London Aquatic Center. I totally geeked out. The center was built for the 2012 Olympics. We swam in the same water as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Sure, they have probably changed it since then but it was like being in holy water to me.

Off to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge tomorrow. I am sure that we will find some time to run in Hyde Park!

London Aquatic Center


  1. Always pack your gear…just in case.
  2. Pack extra for your loved ones…just in case.
  3. It feels great to move in these familiar ways after traveling on planes, subways and Ubers.
  4. I am so very grateful to have an adventurous son who wants to spend time with me still.
Central Park

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